Generosity • Responsibility • Awareness • Character • EMpowerment

​​Grace Initiative Foundation Tree, LLC




To create a foundation for philanthropy to thrive with personal and organizational partnering to better quality of life and to serve and assist victims and survivors of rape, sexual assault, abuse, incest, and domestic and/or dating violence through giving, responsibility, awareness, character, and education.



To participate in and assist national and global efforts and conversations to aid current and end future cases of abuse and violence with the purpose of creating a better future through advocacy and societal change. 



A thorough commitment to empathy, understanding, respect, dignity, fairness, caring, equality, and self-esteem amongst diverse individuals and organizations.

About Us

Grace Initiative Foundation Tree, LLC



We are small but mighty, or at least we try to be. We find that being a center, maybe an interface, where other people and organizations can be more cooperative and support each other helps those who wish to volunteer or contribute to participate with more choice, flexibility, and enjoyment. The idea behind the Grace Initiative was truly based on the tree where roots, trunks, branches, and trees cycle in the rotation of earth to grow and change. We want to be a place for the seed, the leaf, the trunk, or the root to find its way – we are a foundation in spirit and in fact, and we want others to join us to take whatever initiative we can create in our world the change we want to see. The Grace Initiative Foundation Tree serves as our founder’s GIFT, her means to maximizing hope and help for others. Whether Grace is running a large campaign or having a conversation, we do so for the few and for the many by being supportive and inclusive whenever and wherever we can. Maybe we offer an idea or two, maybe we share a post, or maybe we run a large internet campaign or a local fundraiser. No matter what we do, we do it with generosity, responsibility, awareness, character, and education. 


William Karnatz, Jr. 

Legal counsel and advisor, Bill Karnatz began assisting in  GIFT's Articles of incorporation and has remained instrumental for our mission an vision.


Co-President Mason Matthews

Mason has assisted with philanthropy and events prior to GIFT's founding and continues to be an asset in all areas of our work. 


Charitable Organizations


Louis E. Daugherty

Lou Daugherty has acted informally and formally as an advisor and financial manager to the founder of GIFT and remains an invaluable asset to our vision ad mission.

Marci M Matthews

Founder, Ambassador of Hope and Healing, Philanthropist, Advocate, Author, Illustrator, Speaker, Survivor, Dreamer


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