​​Grace Initiative Foundation Tree, LLC


Caring Points Picnic

The Grace Initiative FT, LLC advocates, supports, and acts as sentinel for children and adult victims of abuse, incest, domestic violence and sexual assault. We donate and raise funds, awareness and education for these issues and the organizations that advocate for them such as the Child at Risk Evaluation (CARE) Center of Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH).

The Caring Points Picnic is an annual initiative to raise money for the CARE Center. The 2016 Caring Points Picnic raised $18,000 for the CARE Center and brought in many toys and care items for the children. The picnic has fun and food and many activities. Each year, we hope to expand no what we provide and keep it varied and exciting. One of the favorite features is an area where we can write cards to kids in the hospital, and nurses deliver them later. We bring in other nonprofits and generally have a great time. July 9, 2017 will be the second annual Caring Points Picnic at Hudson Springs Park in Hudson, OH. Stay tuned for updates this spring as we get closer to the event. Hope to see you there.

Akron Children’s Hospital established the Children At Risk Evaluation (CARE) Center in 1987 to better evaluate and initiate treatment for children of suspected physical or sexual abuse and neglect.
A team of doctors, nurses and social workers see scheduled patients referred by private physicians, law enforcement agencies, child protection agencies and other community agencies.
Located in Suite 170 of the Locust Professional Building, the center provides a quiet, structured and unhurried atmosphere for examination and interview. The CARE Center team also provides consultation when abuse is suspected for a child on an inpatient unit.

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