​​Grace Initiative Foundation Tree, LLC



We currently do not receive donations online. We do intend to expand our programs and add them at some point, so this area will be under construction for quite some time. Thanks for looking and have a really great day.

​It's simple really: we help hope and healing. We donate, fundraise, volunteer, partner, and support people and organizations trying to make a difference in this world moment by moment. Taxation and voting are duties required to maintain our societies and communities, but philanthropy is how we choose to alter, support and express our ideals in creating those communities to be the best we can achieve.

About Us and What We do 

direct to donations by the dozen,



We serve as we can throughout the year in various capacities small and larger as well as supporting our own program initiatives. Read more here and follow us on social media for up to date information. 

We are flexible and diverse, hopeful and helpful, but we are one drop hoping to nurture and grow inspiration to create a ripple for our world.

Generosity • Responsibility • Awareness • Character • EMpowerment