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​​Grace Initiative Foundation Tree, LLC


​​We invite you to join us and explore this exciting new initiative for 2017: Donations by the Dozen. The Grace Initiative Foundation Tree, LLC wants to put some #GraceInIt by donating $12 per day to a different nonprofit for each day of 2017. We hope to see this unfold into a wonderful conversation, new friends and partners, and potential inspiration for all as we take this journey. 

​The Caring Points Picnic brings us together annually to raise funds and provide toys for the CARE Center (Child at Risk Evaluation) of Akron Children’s Hospital. Whether people stop in for a visit or stay all day, we have motivation, inspiration, and activities on hand for all. We also feature select nonprofits to join us, bringing us more diversity and wonder.​​

Giving Tuesday


Donations By The Dozen

Giving Tuesday has been a favorite of the founder and of GIFT since its first year (2012) while we were still waiting for IRS approval on becoming an official 501(c)3. Each year, we do something different in celebration of Giving Tuesday, the Grace Initiative, and the organization(s) we have as our focus. 

Caring Points Picnic